Verint Recording Solutions

Mayday Communications Inc has been on the ground floor of the voice industry for over 40 years when “reel to reel “ tape was the standard. Today we are a Verint business partner for recording / quality monitoring and enterprise solutions. Verint is the world market leader is this technology . Our solutions are for all types of vertical markets , public safety , 911 , transportation , financial , security , call centers and are completely scalable for all budgets. Mayday highly skilled staff is here is support our clients from the sales , system design , integration and on going support phases of a project .

For Public Safety

Mayday Communications Inc and Public Safety Sector Recording / NG911 Recording Readiness

Next Generation 911 (NG911) will bring revolutionary change to emergency communications/dispatch centers – the need for comprehensive Next Generation 911 recording readiness, warrants careful planning. 50 years of solid experience in the public safety sector allows Mayday Communications Inc to understand PSAP environments that vary in scope and complexity, as well as the technology that’s needed in today’s PSAP. Our current solutions are based on the Verint Audiolog product line which has been in existence since 1996. We can integrate to a wide array of telephone , E911 systems, radio systems and dispatch consoles.

While the public safety dispatch center’s infrastructure and applications evolve with changes in technology, the dispatch center that is prepared for NEXT GENERATION 911 must now keep up with the ability to not only capture and archive voice (including VoIP) and radio traffic, but also record multiple media sources that are likely to include: SMS text messages, images and streaming video, and CAD workstation screens, in addition to other relevant data sources.

Mayday Communications Inc provides a wide variety of products and implementation services to accomplish compliance recording, quality monitoring, screen recording, 911 and CAD data integrations, , and more for PSAPS and smaller public safety dispatch centers ( i.e fire , police , security ) as well . The Verint Product is very scalableand lets any size operation take advantage of the technology that Verint offers. Let the public safety recording specialists at Mayday Communications Inc. show you how to increase PSAP operational efficiency and take advantage of technology tools to increase dispatcher/call-taker performance and job satisfaction.

For Contact Centers

Mayday Communications Inc and Contact Center Recording / Quality Monitoring Solutions

While it’s clear that liability reduction, better availability of relevant decision-making information, and increased levels of customer service can be realized by implementation of recording and quality monitoring, in today’s economy, the need to run more efficiently has become a primary focus for most contact centers. This includes everything from automating/improving training content and delivery, ensuring procedural compliance, spotting customer service trends, and empowering managers with real-time adherence and quality of customer service information. The Verint Audiolog Product line is used by Mayday to provide our clients with solutions in the contact centers.

Mayday Communications Inc. is aware of the challenges faced in this industry and tailors and implements solutions and tools that allow contact centers to do more with less – and improve quality.

One of the tools includes speech analytics – with the capability to search for specific keywords and also autonomously spot trends (local or organizational) within customer interactions. This functionality, along with agent evaluation software and the ability to access relevant information, form a sharp picture of contact center performance, and make such solutions invaluable to any size contact center.

Mayday Communications Inc. has implemented a number of unique recording, quality monitoring, and business intelligence tool integrations among industry types such as: healthcare, financial services, security, transportation, and education. Today’s increasingly complex environments for contact centers in these industries demand change in quality monitoring and call/screen recording to include the following modules that can be used in conjunction with recording, or as stand -alone applications:

  • Analog, Digital, and VoIP Call Recording
  • Agent Evaluation and Quality Monitoring / Agents Desktop Monitoring
  • Speech Analytics
  • Customer Feedback
  • WFM
  • Complete WFO
For The Enterprise

Mayday Communications Inc and Contact Center Recording / Quality Monitoring Solutions

Mayday Communications Inc provides solutions for the biggest recording challenges for multi-site business environments. Working with businesses that have operations over multiple states and multiple locations and centralized or segmented communications infrastructure, Mayday Communications Inc solutions can provide seamless recording and centralized information archive access and management. The Verint Product line supports small to full blown enterprise solutions for all size operations. Whether sites operate independently, or a centralized telephony configuration exists, Mayday Communications Inc can help. Mayday Communications Inc is experienced with numerous typical communications deployments as well unique custom environments. Many of our enterprise-wide, multi-site installations include the following software and system architectural configurations:

  • Analog, Digital, and VoIP Call Recording
  • Conventional and Trunked Radio Recording
  • Centralized (browser-based) search, playback, and export
  • Centralized Archiving
  • NAS/SAN long-term call recording archives
  • Call Taker Evaluation Software and Template Tools
  • Workstation Screen Recording
  • Advanced Analytics Tools

In addition to large enterprise, Mayday Communications Inc. has experience bringing recording, quality monitoring, and analytics tools to small business too. Whether your business is medical, legal, construction, or transportation (like towing and taxi), we can help your limit potential liability, have a solid record of verbal and computer-based transactions, or simply take advantage of tools to manage the service your customers receive from employees of your company.

Skype for Business Recording (Lync)

VERINT VERBA® provides interaction recording for all versions of Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync®) and all previous versions of Microsoft Lync®. A Microsoft partner, Verba® was one of the first companies to bring to market an interaction recording solution for Skype for Business (Lync). :

VERINT VERBA® Meets Your Interaction Recording Needs

  • Fully certified solution listed on technet and pinpoint.
  • Centralized recording of Internal, PSTN, Conference, Remote Agent, Mobile or Federated Voice, Video and Chat
  • Single, Multi-Site, Regional and Geographic deployments
  • On Premise or Cloud Based Multi-Tenant or Virtual Dedicated Service Provider solution
  • Convenient Record & Playback from Skype for Business or Lync Client
  • Support for all Skype for Business / Lync codecs
  • SharePoint & Azure cloud integrations for superior archiving and storage
Recording Skype for Business (Lync) is a two-step process:

  1. VERINT VERBA® captures each modality META data via trusted application installed on FE, SBS or SBA
  2. VERINT VERBA® captures the media corresponding to the conversation via the Media Relay or Edge Server
Why VERINT VERBA® for Skype for Business (Lync):

  • It’s affordable. Concurrent based recording licenses with no forklift upgrades.
  • It’s easy to install and manage. A typical install can be done in less than 1 day.
  • It’s private. Keep your calls on your private network and reduce the impact to network bandwidth using our proprietary
      Media Relay technology.
  • It’s versatile. Record other telephony environments from the same VERINT VERBA® solution.
  • It’s compatible. Every leading UC vendor on the market is supported, as well as all Certified SBA vendors.
Professional Services

Installations and Project Management

From a straightforward single-site voice logging and quality monitoring system, to multi-site multi-phase deployment of call recording and quality monitoring with advanced options and data integrations, count on Mayday Communications Inc to guide you through the entire process. Communications recording industry-experienced project managers mean that the people implementing your solution not only understand how to effectively integrate a solution within your business needs, they know the technical side as well. Flexibility with respect to provider and customer roles means Mayday Communications Inc can tailor a cost-effective installation, training, and services plan to meet a variety of customer profiles. Just ask, the Mayday Communications Inc professional services team will work with you to make sure the job is done right, on-time, and on budget.

Technical Support

Mayday Communications Inc operates an external and internal technical support center Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) and maintains a senior technician on-call 24/7, 365 days a year for service emergencies. Our Verint factory-trained, highly skilled personnel are ready to help, whether technical support is needed on an ad-hoc basis, or as part of a service agreement to help ensure your agency or company’s up-time with mission-critical systems and business tools. Mayday Communications Inc offers numerous options and flexible pricing plans to help you maximize efficiency, while keeping costs down. Realize the benefit of working with technical support personnel who are focused only on the recording solutions we offer, and easy to reach (live in most cases). To learn more about arranging for technical support, look no further than e-mail ( or call (630) 752-0250 )

Training Services

At Mayday Communications Inc. we understand the value of effective training – not only does it lower the volume of support requests in the long run, it’s one of the best ways to ensure that our customers realize maximum benefit and return on investment from the equipment and software solutions we deploy. All Mayday Communications Inc.-installed solutions incorporate an appropriate training plan, but you don’t have to have a new system installed to receive training from one of our manufacturer-trained professionals. Whether you’re planning for a new system installation, upgrades, or simply want your staff to grow and maintain skills, Mayday Communications Inc can help with a variety of training components to choose from:

  • Classroom on-site product training
  • Individual on-site product training
  • Train-the-trainer on-site product training
  • Classroom remote product training
  • Individual remote product training
  • Customized training programs to suit your implementation and business needs